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Eileen D. Webster 
IFBM Certified Practitioner
B.Pharm, R.Ph.

Eileen D. Webster, IFBM Certified Practitioner, B.Pharm, R.Ph.

In 1999 I opened my pharmacy/drug store in the small mountain town of Fairplay, Colorado, it was my dream come true. However, the daily aches and pains I had suffered my entire life began to intensify as new bizarre symptoms developed. In 2004 I was diagnosed with hypermobile type Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, an inherited connective tissue disorder that is caused by defects in a protein called collagen. My common daily symptoms included joint subluxations and dislocations, intense muscle, bone, and fascia pain, bruising, poor wound healing, insomnia, brain fog, racing heart, fainting, severe abdominal pain, hives, rashes, neuropathy, vision  and hearing problems. After the SECOND fusion of my pelvis that separated while standing behind the pharmacy counter, I was also diagnosed with autonomic dysfunction, mast cell activation syndrome, pseudo-bulbar affect and tourettes. It finally became so severe and overwhelming that in 2016 I had to close my pharmacy, I was devastated. Finally, in 2017 my husband and I left 10,250 feet and moved to Marana, Arizona where I stumbled upon a local Bio-Touch workshop on tinnitus. The next morning when I woke up, the constant roaring in my ears was GONE!  It was just a short workshop, I was paired up with an elderly neighbor, we had no special skills or knowledge, we just touched a couple of spots on each other's ears..... I went to medical couldn't possibly be this simple! I had to know more so I recruited my sister in law and we went to the IFBM headquarters in Tucson, AZ. There we both experienced a Bio-Touch session and were pain free and in total bliss.  I was lucky enough to meet the founder, Paul Bucky, who showed me the research behind Bio-Touch and explained their philosophy and mission. I immediately signed up for their practitioner course and was on my way to healing like I never knew before. I can think and speak clearly again, my pain levels are almost nonexistent, I can stand as long as I want, my asthma and allergies are under control and depression and anxiety are gone! I decided to become a Certified Bio-Touch practitioner so that I could teach workshops and help others to learn this simple, loving, and EFFECTIVE technique.


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  BIO-TOUCH™ is taught through the International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics, a federally approved 501(c)(3) educational and charitable foundation.  Our mission is to teach BIO-TOUCH™, an application of the universal principle “Love thy Neighbor,” as a means to alleviate pain and stress, and support good health through all stages of life.  The Foundation’s vision is encouraging all people to take responsibility for their own healthcare, empower them to assist others and create a community of people worldwide dedicated to service, self-awareness and recognizing the equality of all humanity — thus forming a chain, which shall go on indefinitely.