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About The Technique

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 BIO-TOUCH™ is a simple hands-on healing touch technique that can be used to address all types of health concerns.  Associates use the first two fingers of each hand and a butterfly-like light touch to touch specific points on the body. Over time, the combination of correct points and light touch seems to enhance the body's natural healing ability.  BIO-TOUCH is not acupuncture, BIO-TOUCH is not Reiki, BIO-TOUCH is not like anything else in the alternative, complementary or wholistic healthcare practices.  BIO-TOUCH is love, love is BIO-TOUCH!

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The health benefits of light healing touch

 BIO-TOUCH™ is a simple hands-on healing touch technique that appears to enhance the body's natural healing abilities. Research documents the benefits of BIO-TOUCH on pain, stress and stress-related conditions, high blood pressure, immune function and over-all quality of life. As seen on the chart to the left, by adding BIO-TOUCH to your healthcare routine,  you can help break this chronic stress cycle and regulate your cortisol levels.  The IFBM and Bio-Touch Dove Mountain make no claims of instant relief. The touch triggers an "undoing" process which uses time to promote healing; the amount of time required to experience the effects of the technique is dependent upon each individual. 

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 BIO-TOUCH™ can be used in conjunction with conventional and alternative health care practices and is not intended as a substitute for these methods.  

Who We Are

your local IFBM certified bio-touch™ practitioner

  Located in Dove Mountain, northwest of Tucson, Arizona, Bio-Touch Dove Mountain services the areas of Marana, Tucson, Oro Valley, Oracle and more!!! As an International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics (IFBM) Certified Practitioner, Bio-Touch Dove Mountain is dedicated to providing sessions and teaching BIO-TOUCH™ as a unique, natural approach to alleviate pain and stress, and support good health through all stages of life.  

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