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Private BIO-TOUCH™ sessions

 BIO-TOUCH is a simple hands-on, touch healing technique that appears to enhance the body's natural healing abilities.  On your first visit, you will be given a private orientation about BIO-TOUCH and how it is practiced during a session. The technique is administered by touching lightly on the skin with the index and middle finger of each hand. Sessions take place in a private room and you will be asked only to remove your shirt or blouse. If you would like to address issues in the pelvis or lower extremities (sciatica, hips or legs) please wear loose fitting shorts or bathing suit bottoms.  All sessions are tailored to the individual recipient, their specific health needs and their time constraints.

* At Bio-Touch Dove Mountain, we treat all of your personal records as strictly confidential!

The BIO-TOUCH™ Greeting

continuING THE healing after your session

  This technique is not designed to be a "one-time" cure all. The touch triggers an "undoing" process which uses time to promote healing; the amount of time required to experience the effects of the technique is dependent upon each individual. Just like other maintenance and preventative practices, BIO-TOUCH works best when performed consistently. To help continue your healing journey beyond the initial BIO-TOUCH session, you can choose to split your time receiving BIO-TOUCH and learning how to use the BIO-TOUCH points to address your specific health condition at home. 

BIO-TOUCH™ 2 hour Gout Workshop

2 - hour condition specific workshops

 This is a two hour program which focuses on a specific health condition.  Workbooks are given to participants with this workshop and are designed with only 3 or 4 basic sets of points needed to address a specific condition.  Participants have the opportunity to practice the sets which do not require removing clothing. We present a new health condition each month or we can tailor the workshops to your specific needs.  

Introductory BIO-TOUCH™ Workshop at IFBM Headquarters

4 - hour introductory bio-touch™ workshop

 This is a 4 hour program.  Included in this workshop is the training manual/DVD set and is used to familiarize participants with the points and application of the touch.  Under the instruction of the Certified Practitioner participants will;

  • view the entire DVD
  • familiarize themselves with the manual
  • have the opportunity to practice and begin applying certain points

 All points taught can be applied without removing clothing and participants may practice them on each other. At the end of the 4 hours, participants will;

  • have a sense of how to apply the touch 
  • be familiar enough with the DVD and manual to teach themselves to find the rest of the points